Sunday, September 18, 2016

Descendant "Bottom-up", "No spouse"; saving chart as spreadsheet; videos


Children can be so wonderfully direct. We were at a parade, and my four-year old Melanie says "Give me a piggyback!"
"I'm tired" I replied.
"I'm not!"
We have recently added some enhancements to Charting Companion.
Descendant "Bottom-up"
Charting Companion can now display a Descendant chart in "Bottom-up" mode, with the Subject at the bottom, and the descendants above, like a growing tree with its branches rising upwards.
Interesting Image
The Descendant chart also has a "no spouse" option, where the spouses are not displayed, and only the bloodline relatives appear.
Save chart as a spreadsheet.
Ancestor and Descendant charts can be published as an Excel spreadsheet. Birth, Marriage and Death dates & places, for everyone in the chart, are saved in the spreadsheet file.
The results of a Search can also be saved as a spreadsheet, complete with a special "sort date" that enables you to see events in a timeline. You can compare a group of people and see the relationship and sequence of their events.
Charting Companion videos
Click to see some short videos that show the power of Charting Companion.