Sunday, November 15, 2015

How to prune a family tree

Pruning your Family Tree
Have you ever needed a customized version of your family tree? For example, you want to show how two distant relatives are connected? Or you want to show only one branch of the family?

Charting Companion's Pruning feature enables you to "prune" or trim the branches of a family tree.

Here are Queen Victoria's descendants, shrunk 95% (click to enlarge):

Queen Victoria

Elizabeth II + Philip 25%.png

When displayed with Charting Companion, you can right-click and select Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, click on "Prune", and you will see their parallel lineage all the way back to Queen Victoria. Elizabeth and Philip are third cousins (click to enlarge).

Save your tree as a an image, share with family and friends, or publish on the Internet. Pruning is also available for the Ancestor chart.

Charting Companion reads all genealogy databases:

  • Family Tree Maker
  • RootsMagic
  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
  • Legacy
  • Family Historian
  • Ancestral Quest
  • GEDCOM for all other programs

Get Charting Companion today and "prune" your tree!

Note: the pruning applies only to the image, your database is not changed in any way.

Pierre Clouthier
President, Progeny Genealogy Inc.

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