Friday, April 24, 2020

Charting Companion for Apple "Macs"; FTM 2019

We are hard at work converting Charting Companion 7 to Apple's macOS operating system. When the conversion is completed, Charting Companion will run on MacBooks and iMacs. We still have a fair bit of work to do. We will notify all our customers when the new version is ready.
Here are "work-in-progress" screen shots of the Family Group View, Ancestor chart and Descendant chart running on a Mac:
imageCharting Companion macOS

Charting Companion 7.2.10 has been released to provide compatibility with the new Family Tree Maker 2019.
If you have an earlier version of Charting Companion, our upgrade policy is:
  • If you purchased after June 2018 (ver. 7), you get a free upgrade. In the Charting Companion menu, click on "Help -> Check for upgrades".
  • If you purchased after Oct 2017, you get a discount (contact us).
  • Before Oct 2017: purchase a new Registration Key.
Get Charting Companion today and make family history.

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  1. What is the status of this porting to the Mac OS? If you are at the beta test stage, I'd love to be a tester! It might greatly simplify my life!